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What To Expect

It can feel a little daunting to walk through the doors of a church for the first time, but we hope that you will feel at home at Old South. We are a spiritual home to believers and questioners, people from all walks and stations of life, from a range of backgrounds and faith perspectives, who come together to worship God, become more like Jesus, and serve God’s creation. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I go?

Our church building is located at 235 Main Street in downtown Farmington, near the intersection of Academy and Main Streets.  We recommend that visitors park on the street or in the lot to the left of the church.  If you enter through the large doors facing Main Street, you will be met by greeters who will direct you to the sanctuary. (If you're late and miss the greeters, just go through the door to your right after you walk in.)  If you enter from the parking lot, you'll find yourself in our fellowship hall. People tend to congregate here before worship, so feel free to say hello or just ask for a pointer to the sanctuary.


Do you offer childcare or Sunday School?

Yes! Please see the Families with Children page for more information.

What should I wear?

We're a pretty casual congregation. You’ll see everything from coat and tie to t-shirts and jeans. Most people find themselves somewhere in the middle. Please wear whatever makes you comfortable.

What is the service like?

Here are words our members have used to describe worship at Old South: "vibrant," "life-giving," "deep and intimate," "Spirit-filled." Our service includes a mix of traditional and contemporary elements. In all, a service typically lasts from 60 to 75 minutes.

What do I have to believe (or pretend to believe)?

We are non-creedal, which means that we believe in testimonies of faith, not tests of faith.  At Old South you will find a diversity of beliefs, and have the opportunity to explore your beliefs more deeply. We take the Bible seriously but not literally. We are a Christ-centered church, and in the spirit of Jesus, we welcome everyone into fellowship. 

Is the church handicap accessible?  

Handicap parking is located in the parking lot in the rear of the church. Turn down the drive located between 227 Main Street (large white house) and 235 Main Street (Old South Church).  The rear entry is handicap accessible and there is a lift in the entry area just inside the door. To reach the sanctuary, take the lift to the upper floor, go through the doorway and turn to your left. Go through the handicap accessible door at the end of the hall, and you will enter the church kitchen which is connected to the Vestry. The Sanctuary is located to the left of the Vestry. Our sanctuary offers special seating for those in wheelchairs, and accessible bathrooms are located in the Newman Wing (long hall). We are very sensitive to the challenge of navigating a 19th-century building with a wheelchair or walker, and we are actively fundraising to become fully ADA compliant. 
What if I still have questions?

Do you want to be in conversation with a real person before your first visit? E-mail our minister with any and all questions.

What if I'm hearing impaired?

Please ask an usher as you enter. We also have hearing assistance devices available. Please feel free to request one from an usher to make sure you don’t miss any of the service. Ushers can also assist you in using the equipment.

What if I still have questions?

Do you want to be in conversation with a real person before your first visit? E-mail our minister with any and all questions.

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