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Old South Movie Studio

That's right--our kids star in our one-of-a-kind film projects.

The Acts of the Apostles:
A Maine Retelling

Screen Shot 2024-06-11 at 4.02.27 PM.png

The Easter Story:
A Maine Retelling

The Nativity

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Screen Shot 2024-06-12 at 2.10.56 PM.png

Old South
TV News

Imagine your child having the opportunity to interview Moses, or Joseph (wearing his colorful coat), or the stubborn Pharaoh? The reporters of Old South TV News do just that--hearing "first hand" the elements of these ancient stories, and how they reveal God's everlasting love. TV News episodes are written, directed, and performed by kids during the Sunday School hour (September - May). The edited episodes are then uploaded to Facebook and YouTube for everyone to enjoy.

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